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Introducing Tinman Kinetics

I'm thrilled to introduce Tinman Kinetics. We built this company to help people become empowered by a new generation of adaptive and cognitive technologies that rewrite all the traditional rules of what a person can achieve. These tools usher in a paradigm that's equal parts digital and analog. They are tangible, insightful, and brimming with kinetic potential.

We believe the need for companies like Tinman is urgent because artificial intelligence, data science and analytics, and machine learning and automation stand at a crossroads. As these technologies move from academia to standard business practice, there are voices of optimism and human empowerment in contrast to fear of human replacement. Our position of optimism is not purely altruistic, but rather delivers an approach that avoids the pitfalls of stagnation, model opacity, and anemic semantics that come with near-sighted ones. In short, we believe that the future is human-centric - technology with heart.

Optimistic voices will avoid innovation stifling regulation and set the core patterns of this new industry for the bright future it can usher in.

The time is now to engage with that future. The world of big digital and even bigger data has reached a tipping point for many organizations. We need adaptive systems to handle that avalanche of data, integrations, specialized insights, secure and collaborative workflows, and personalized customer experiences that delight and engage. Additionally, the rapid commoditization of traditional digital means that these adaptive cores can leverage and deliver solutions for medium or even small businesses that were once only accessible to the Fortune 500.

We have a lot more to say and some big announcements coming soon. For now please stay tuned and let us know what questions you may have or topics you'd like covered by emailing us at hello@tinmankinetics.com!