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Creating a Celtic Knots to Study Language

We've released a new study to investigate the link between personality and linguistic traits. Please check it out over at ByteOfScience.org! By participating you help the research around our AI XPRIZE project and get your own Celtic knot based on your unique personality.

IBM and others have already done a lot of interesting research around this topic, but most of that has been designed to predict personality based on a black box of language usage. These characteristics appear to be fairly accurate regardless of region, age, or other demographics and has been shown to work, when trained, across multiple languages.

We want to see if we can do the reverse - is it possible for an AI to take on the linguistic traits of someone based solely on their personality? Or, if not directly the linguistic traits, are there clear boundaries around the traits that are valid or invalid for a given personality?

To do this, we treat personality as the black box. This allows us to cast a much wider net when it comes to personality and include all kinds of theories and questions that need no validated research behind it. That's because we'll let machine learning explore the data as it is, and look for correlations that, perhaps, people wouldn't think of, in the same way the other studies don't know what the linguistic traits are that predict (more limited) personality traits.

Not all the data will lead to conclusive correlations, but given the success of the reverse, we are optimistic we'll find some new areas to take the research further. So go on, get your own, personal Celtic knot today and help contribute to this science!