Tinman's Board of Advisers

We never would have made it this far without the wisdom, guidance, and (maybe one or two emotionally charged) arguments of more people than we could possibly and properly thank here. A handful of our top mentors have agreed to formally join or Advisory Board. We're currently growing this team so please watch this space for updates as we introduce them here.

We also keep a running journal of wisdom, interviews, and deeper introductions here.

Quick Introductions - Board of Advisers

Elizabeth Wagner Profile
Elizabeth Wagner
Recent Experience: Senior Vice President, Space Foundation
Education: Harvard University, University of Texas
Expertise: Transformative leadership in the Space Industry, connecting private, non-profit, and government solutions and ideas. Education and learning in science, technology, and statistical analysis.
Lou Trebino Profile
Lou Trebino
Recent Experience: Advisory Principal, KPMG
Education: Montclair State University
Expertise: Strategic planning and execution for Fortune 100 companies. Inspirational leader and speaker for technology innovation, diverity, and charities / non-profits.
Kevin Courter Profile
Kevin Courter
Recent Experience: Application Architecture, Forrester Research
Education: University of Missouri-Columbia
Expertise: Cloud to Edge technology architecture and strategy in Space and other industries. Innovative R&D in embedded intelligence and agile team leadership.