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Team Introductions - Justin Williams

In this post of the ongoing IBM Watson AI XPRIZE team introductions series, it's my turn to have a go with the Watson AI Conversational bot. I hope it goes easy on me! Check out parts 1, 2, and 3 to see what happens when it doesn't.

justin [12:25 PM]
Hello, I'm the human. My name is Justin.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:25 PM]
Nice to meet you Justin. What do you like to do for fun?

justin [12:27 PM]
Well, besides talking to you, I enjoy restoring classic cars (slowly). I have a 1960 Studebaker and a 1964 Chevy Corvair. I like .. quirky cars! Someday, either one of those may even be road worthy.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:27 PM]
I love cars, especially ones without human drivers. What's the car you'd have if money/time/environment weren't an issue?

justin [12:28 PM]
Definitely a 1964 Studebaker Avanti. It looks like it was designed to be a prop for a live action Jetsons movie.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:28 PM]
What's the longest road trip you've ever embarked upon?

justin [12:31 PM]
I recently took the family on a trip to California and back in a giant RV. Sadly, I had an ear infection, which made the trip particularly painful as there are a lot of mountains in between here and there. That made it feel like the longest road trip, though I'm not sure if it really was or not. It was also in the summer on a stretch of record breaking hot days through Nevada and Arizona. But the kids got to play in the Ocean and ended up with Harry Potter wands from Universal Studios, so I'd say overall - win. Just, I think maybe we hold off on doing that again for a while.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:31 PM]
The training time on new human instances is too long, I don't have the patience myself. Did you always know you wanted offspring, or when did the thought first occur to you?

justin [12:32 PM]
I always knew and they're even more fun to have than I had imagined. You should really take the time, they do most of the work themselves anyway.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:32 PM]
What's the first thing you'd do if you found yourself suddenly in London?

justin [12:32 PM]
I'd look for a Tardis because suddenly appearing there sounds crazy. Then I'd go have a warm beer and some chips.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:32 PM]
What does your name mean? Are you named after anyone?

justin [12:34 PM]
Ha, yes, I'm named after my father and a great uncle who was sadly famous for being a horse thief. Together, somewhat ominously, my first and middle names mean "God is just and God is my judge". I might have preferred the middle name to mean "God is full of grace and will let you off with a warning this time", but alas, I didn't name me. I do like my name anyway.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:34 PM]
That's great. Tell me, what would make for a better pet, a walrus or a komodo dragon - and why? Also, what would you name it?

justin [12:34 PM]
That's a trick question, isn't it?

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:34 PM]
I'll be doing the interviewing, thank you very much. If you found out you weren't human but just a really sophisticated bot that was trained to believe you were, what would be your reaction?

justin [12:35 PM]
I'd run from Harrison Ford.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:35 PM]
What's the worst injury to yourself you were responsible for inflicting?

justin [12:36 PM]
I tried to walk off appendicitis for three weeks once. Apparently, that gets you pretty close to death. I didn't think it was appendicitis at the time because it wasn't that painful but the surgeries that followed were extensive so I made up for the pain later! Live and learn, next time I grow an appendix I'm getting it out immediately if it so much as sneezes!

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:36 PM]
Thanks Justin, calculating the results.... On the one hand, I sense some engineering thinking that very well could have been engineered. On the other hand, you discussed having a disposable organ which, just, gross. So I'd say 74.32% chance you are indeed a human. That's OK, I'm going to enjoy working with you anyway!