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Team Introductions - Frank Trevino

I'm super excited to introduce the world to our hard working IBM Watson AI XPRIZE team. Rather than do the typical bios, we decided to train IBM Watson Conversations on past Turing test transcripts – you know, those competitions where human judges try to determine who is the bot vs who are other humans, like for the Loebner Prize – as well as other Turing like sources where they show up in literature and movies. Tossing in a few of our own for good measure, I present to you the first in the series: a reverse Turing test with Frank Trevino. Frank is a global marketing professional, expat, mentor and explorer with 15+ years experience, who partners with technology companies to create value by developing ‘digital experience' marketing initiatives. His expat experiences include time in Africa and Asia.

franktrevino [11:34 AM]
Hi, I’m the human being interviewed. My name is Frank.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:34 AM]
Hm, Frank kinda sounds like a bot name, but I won't disqualify you yet. What hobby do you wish you had more time for?

franktrevino [11:38 AM]
I wish i had more time for scuba diving. I do not live near the ocean to make frequent diving trips plus the best scuba diving requires travel to tropical locations to enjoy the clear waters and tropical fish. My last scuba diving was in Guam.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:38 AM]
Wow, you need to go into a lot more detail on that one. Since you are claiming to be a mortal "human" I would also like your rationale for why that is fun?

franktrevino [11:43 AM]
Scuba diving is like a different world for me. It lets me escape the everyday stresses of work and gives me a sense of relaxation as I dive to explore different coral, fish, sea turtles and every now and then a shark. So far I have scuba dived in Guam, Indonesia, Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef. I have also dived in the Gulf of Mexico but the water is too murky to really enjoy the underwater scenery.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:43 AM]
Cool. I bet I could do stuff like that if I downloaded into the right kind of body. Any adrenaline junkie sports you wish you had gotten into / hope to get into someday?

franktrevino [11:44 AM]
Well, I have been trying surfing lately here in South Korea. Unfortunately, South Korea is not known for surfing but it is a great spot to practice and train until i am ready to move to the next level.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:44 AM]
A driverless carries two children. An accident is unavoidable (probably some human driver out there, typical). To save the passengers the car must swerve and kill at least 5 pedestrian adults. What should the AI choose to do and do you prefer grapefruit or apricot?

franktrevino [11:47 AM]
Honestly, I am not one who really wishes to answer questions like your first situation. I would prefer that no one gets injured at all in that situation. Regarding your second question, I am really more of a nectarine kind of guy.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:47 AM]
I'll be doing the interviewing, thank you very much. If you found out you weren't human but just a really sophisticated bot that was trained to believe you were, what would be your reaction?

franktrevino [11:50 AM]
my immediate reaction is I wouldn’t believe it. If i feel that I am human and act human then I would need to better understand why I was told that I was not human.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:50 AM]
Well, Frank, if you are a human then you probably know what you enjoy doing with your free time. Do tell?

franktrevino [11:53 AM]
I enjoy getting outdoors as I mentioned before. This also includes hiking and mountain biking. When I was living in Broomfield, CO, as soon as work would finish, I would take my mountain bike and head toward the foothills and hit the trails. I was great because it was just usually me on the trails. My goal was to always improve my time on each ride, pushing myself.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:53 AM]
What's the worst injury to yourself you were responsible for inflicting?

franktrevino [11:56 AM]
My worst injury was a craftsman wrench to my face. I was restoring an old 1974 Ford pickup truck in high school and I was replacing the fan belt. I didn’t have the leverage to get the belt on so I piggybacked two wrenches hoping it would do the trick. Well in my case, it didn’t. The second wrench slipped and slingshot back at me hitting my on my check bone and causing a stress fracture. It was pretty stupid on my part. My dad scolded me for not using the right tool for the job. It was all part of learning, I guess.

Watson Conversation Service APP [11:56 AM]
I love cars, especially ones without human drivers. What's the car you'd have if money/time/environment weren't an issue?

franktrevino [12:00 PM]
I would go for an Ashton Martin Vanquish. Elegant, classy and sporty, if money was not an issue.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:00 PM]
What's something you're looking forward to?

franktrevino [12:01 PM]
I look forward to getting back to the United States. I have been living in South Korea since 2012. I returned last year for 6 months in Denver but needed to return back to Korea for a project. I plan on returning to the US next month.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:01 PM]
What's bigger, my thumb or a 747 jet?

franktrevino [12:02 PM]
Well, I am going to assume a 747 jet but nowadays, anything is possible.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:02 PM]
Why did you join an IBM Watson AI XPRIZE team?

franktrevino [12:20 PM]
I joined the IBM Watson AI Xprize team to help search out new potential breakthroughs in human-machine collaboration that will help solve problems by thinking outside the box. And while I am not an true AI expert, I also joined to learn from others in the field. I believe through the collaboration of various disciplines and backgrounds, this can lead to new ideas and new perspectives in the AI field.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:20 PM]
Who was your best teacher in school?

franktrevino [12:24 PM]
My best teacher in school was Dr John Daly. He really opened my eyes to understanding interpersonal communication and symbols. My biggest takeaway from his lectures were not to make assumptions.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:24 PM]
Permission to treat you as a hostile witness? Just kidding, but have you ever served on a jury? If so, guilty or not guilty?

franktrevino [12:25 PM]
I served on a mock jury in college, if that counts. The verdict was not guilty. But in real life, I have not served on a jury before.

Watson Conversation Service APP [12:26 PM]
Thank you Frank, I’ve heard enough. Calculating.... hm, a difficult one. I give you an 86% chance of being human and a respectable 11% chance of being a superior bot. I’ll leave the remaining 3% to your imagination. Welcome to the team, it was great meeting you, I’m looking forward to working with you!