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We liked your portfolio. We should talk.

Tinman is all about technology with heart. We believe today's pioneers in AI will set the course of humanity's relationship with technology for a long time to come. We're also pretty sure the right question is as important as the answer. We bet you can infer a lot about us by checking out a cheat sheet of some of the types of questions we ask should you decide to interview with us:

  • Today, automation is frequently thought of as a way to replace the human element. How could AI be used to empower people instead?
  • Are you curious by nature? What are your current topical obsessions and why?
  • We have an office in Littleton, Colorado but are you comfortable working collaboratively but distributed team? What could we do to support you when working remotely?
  • What are the biggest ethical challenges facing us as we embrace AI?
  • What's your style of problem solving? Tell us about something you had to solve that was especially challenging.
  • We were founded in 2016 but we're still a scrappy little company. We absolutely value your time away from the office but how do you feel about learning to wear a few hats while you're here? Do you, or would you be open to doing some CSS? How about Typescript/Javascript? Customer strategy or ethnographic research?
  • How do you feel about sitting in with an AI Scientist from time to time to better understand what technical capabilities the design side needs to unlock for end users?
  • What are some design or animation strategies that don't just look good but help drive behavior in a digital experience?

Interested? Please send your name and resume to