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Frank Trevino - Keynote Speaker on AI at B2B Marketing Leadership Forum 2019

Singapore, August 22, 2019


Frank Trevino closed the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum as a Keynote Speaker on AI and its impact on business and marketing. Mr Trevino highlighted the AI journey for marketers with an overview of AI Basics, AI Framework, AI Today and AI Tomorrow. His demo of AI in action with the six AI tools was a great example of AI in the marketplace.

“The goal is to turn Data into Digital Assets” – CMO, Frank Trevino

Mr Trevino stressed the need to always have the human element through company-wide communication and a cultural shift toward creating the digital mentality needed with organizations as they go down the road of digital transformation and AI. He also discussed improvements in cloud storage, computing power and 5G that are making AI possible today and stated, “5G is the rocket fuel for AI.”

Mr. Trevino added that the next step in AI within the B2B market is the immersive experience. He noted that while AI, within B2B, is still in its early stages, we as marketers will learn how to take proven B2C AI solutions and pivot into the B2B market.

He mentioned chatbots, voice analysis and natural language generation of content are already playing a significant role but the future lies within new media approaches using virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality.
He added the biggest challenge B2B Marketers face is Progressive Change, balancing too much change stemming from technology, less change wanted by management and constant change needed to connect with ever-changing customers.

He continues,”the three greatest areas AI impacts marketing are knowledge, predictive and immersion.”

In closing, Mr. Trevino stated, instead of telling our brand story, how do we invite our customer into our brand through an immersive experience. This includes us learning how to find new ways to use technology and media to create a greater connection with our audience. “At Exodus Space, we are using virtual reality to allow our investors and potential customers to experience the value of our spaceplane before we have even built it.”

Mr. Trevino added that he will participate as a speaker in the B2B Marketing Leadership Forum in Sydney Australia in May 2020.

Frank Trevino

Frank Trevino

Marketer, AI Strategist, Technologist and Expat with executive global experience. HIs goal is to connect People, Products, Process, & Technology to transform data into digital assets.

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